• Medium Dogs

    The medium-sized or medium breeds are dogs that have an adult weight of over 10 kg but under 25 kg. Medium breeds have well -developed physical characteristics and are consequently frequently used in dog sports and as working dogs.

    The two main groups of breeds belonging to the medium breeds are hunting dogs and sheepdogs.Medium dog breeds have a life expectancy between 12 and 14 years. The puppies are fully grown after their first birthday,we recommend switching to an adult feed at 12 months.

    for instance:

    hunting dogs

    • esagneul, setter, basset, beagle, cocker spaniel, springer spaniel,



    • border collie, bearded collie, Highland collie, Australian collie, shetland sheepdog, Pyrenean mountain dog



    • siberian huskey, spitz, keeshond, schnauzer,shar-pei, chow chow,

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